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Welcome to my virtual exhibition !!!

The photographs displayed here can be printed and framed, according to your preferences.
You can choose whether to come to me to collect them or have them sent to your home.

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What is fine art printing?

The term Fine Art is very often used improperly to identify mysterious printing techniques or materials.
Considering the terms literally, "Fine Art" can be translated as "fine art prints".
In particular, in photography, the term Fine Arts means a work to produce an artifact that is the synthesis and synergy of technique and quality.
Both elements of technique and quality must conform to professional and artistic standards, the elements offset by individual creativity.
At Photogem, by Fine art prints we mean the creation of works - photographic or pictorial - which must be reproduced with meticulous care on precious supports and with techniques that guarantee impeccable quality and durability.
This means that every single print must first of all meet technical requirements that ensure perfect preservation over time (an example is the use of certified paper supports free of chemical elements that can alter their colors or brightness).
It is also necessary that each work - to be considered a Fine Art print - ensures a visual experience of the highest level.
To obtain the winning combination, it is essential for those involved in printing to be able to have a shot made in a workmanlike manner and correctly optimized during the development phase. This is clearly not always possible, as if "taking a great shot" may be easy for most people, the same cannot be said for the "development" of the image.
And here, relying on a professional photographic laboratory makes the difference, it is our care to manage the file in the best way for the best printing result.
The vast choice of papers used by our laboratory are from the prestigious Hahnemuhle paper mill which produces papers with the most varied characteristics suitable for any type of image.
In addition to printing, the use of suitable materials for mounting and finishing is important, in fact each print is treated with protective varnish which further extends its durability over time.
The prints can be applied on different supports such as aluminum, gatorfoam or forex each with specifications suitable for conservation.

In addition, Fine Art prints can be accompanied by a certificate attesting to their quality and, if necessary, the edition.
In fact, more and more artists decide to print their works in limited editions, numbered and autographed in the original.
Upon request, the Photogem photographic laboratory can issue for each Fine Art print a certificate made on a sheet of fine watermarked paper in A4 format, with two numbered holographic stamps that are applied on the certificate itself and on the back of the Fine Art print: in this way each certificate is uniquely linked to the print it refers to.