Photography steals the soul.


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Roberto Pestarino selfie portrait who I am

About myself:


Small biography

I was born in Alessandria (Italy) in 1966. I live in a small town in the province of Alessandria; since 2004 without television and in the countryside.

I love animals and nature.

I love life. ​I have never photographed

in my life. ​One day in 2010; I saw a sunflower still blooming in the midst of so many buckets and I ran to buy a camera. I haven't stopped since then.

The photography before of everything is getting excited

Photography first of all is fun.

I started by photographing with a small gaming camera.

Photographer of flowers and insects at the begining.

In 2011 I bought 2 Olympus, which I still use with great pleasure.

In 2012 the first awards arrive:

a photo on permanent display in the National Library of France in Paris.

3 photos awarded on the anniversary of the I.P.A.

I wanted to play the piano, but I have a good relationship with the neighbors.

I photograph because I don't know how to paint.

I have tried to photograph many things, sometimes with success.

What I enjoy most is being able to tell stories, being able

to express what I cannot say in words. I find it wonderful to be able to communicate what I am; proud to be the president of the photographic club: "Oltregiogo".







Circle: Oltregiogo photography.